Thomas Lang Independent session Artist

Ian Thomas Session Artist and Tom Jones Drummer

Plus I have also been recommend for the following UK acts,: Cold Play, Feeder and Stereophonics

“Mark Mayhem is unequivocally the most intuitive musician I’ve ever played with. His empathy and dynamics are the best I’ve ever encountered. He plays with his soul and I would recommend him highly above all of the hundreds of drummers I’ve ever worked with.
Dawn Agrella Musician/songwriter/ engineer/ producer

“Mark is one of the greatest drummers I have ever worked with. He has an awesome technique and an amaZing feel. Once he grasps the groove he just sits there in the pocket and goes with you. In my days in London working with drummers who were part of the post punk dub, experimental rock scene I never played with anyone so capable and versitile. Even when I toured the states with Howard Jones and played with Trevor Morace or some of the great drum and bass combos Howard has worked with over the years, I feel that Marks ability is right up there with some of the best professionals. keep laying down those grooves Mark!”

Roy Jones

 ” Mark is an ultra-talented, technically diverse and dynamically inspired musician who could only exist in the new millennium”

 Gail louise

After a gruelling search for a stand in drummer we finally came across
Mark, our dreams had come true. We had finally found a drummer that
was so talented and professional, that he should have been auditioning
us. We were just gob smacked after jamming with him for a couple
minutes, his timing was impeccable and he demonstrated his knowledge
of various styles and grooves with tenacity, energy and a style all of
his own.

His actual performances on stage were nothing short of fantastic, his
stage appearance and charismatic performances took the live shows to
another level. Mark has become an important part of the band as a
result of his extraordinary talent, professional attitude and friendly

Steve Connell
The Spies

 Mark is both and inspired and inspirational drummer. We threw him in the middle of difficult songs and he managed to quickly find his way in, and more than that, he managed to be ‘instrumental’ (no pun intended!) in shaping some of them! He is quick, versatile and skilled. You couldn’t ask more from a drummer…
Steve Mosser

I’ve played & recorded with mark many times over the last 15 years & have always been impressed by his ability & dedication to drumming, he is without doubt an amazing drummer who is not only solid & dependable but can always pull something extraordinary out off his bag of tricks when needed. Any band or artist that gets the chance to utilise his talents will be gifted not only with his drumming but also with his infectious personality & enthusiasm.
Dave Critten, bassist HATE GAUGE

“Having spent many hours playing with Mark both in the studio and in a live environment, I have always been blown away by his attitude and his technical ability. Hey….he even manages to make my songs half decent!!”

Al Murr “OneRoomDown”


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