Mayhem’s Biog,

I have worked as a professional drummer for fifteen years, having performed with upwards of a hundred bands in a great variety of settings, including party performances, studio recordings, television, theatre and stadium performances. Additionally, my range includes various different styles of music, including jazz, rock, pop, Latin, opera, blues, soul and numerous others, having performed all of these in a professional capacity.

It has been my privilege to learn from some of the most prominent names in drumming, including Gail Louise, Ian Thomas and Thomas Lang, all being world-renowned in the field, and performed with prestigious artists and organisations. These include the Chasers, the Lewisham College Dance Department, Italia Conti Academy, The 12 Tenors, Thomson Cruise and EMI record label, in performances across the UK and Europe.

Just give me three minutes and a pair of sticks!

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